Cell Based Tech Weekly – Motif Ingredients Launches with $90 Million Raise, Angel Yeast in China will Supply Inputs, Cell Based Dog Treats

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Motif Ingredients, spun out of Boston based Gingko Bioworks, has launched with plans to engineer animal based proteins like milk and eggs through cellular fermentation. The company has raised $90 million in series A financing from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Louis Dreyfus Company, Fonterra, and Viking Global Investors. http://cellbased.link/ginkgo-a07e8

Why We Care: Gingko’s platform for bioengineering is currently applied to produce consumer products ranging from cannabis to fragrances. Now they are thinking beyond conventional cow’s milk and chicken eggs to engineer new foods like sturgeon eggs and camel milk — an effort to promote biodiversity, as we move away from animal agriculture towards cellular agriculture.


Angel Yeast, a China based yeast company has announced their plans to focus on the global bioengineering industry by supplying nutrient inputs used in microbial fermentation and cell culture. http://cellbased.link/yeast-3cffb

The worlds first cell cultured dog treats made by biotech startup, Wild Earth are now available in boutique retail locations and online through the subscription service PupJoy. The Koji protein dog snacks are made by synthesizing live fungal strains of Koji and growing these strains through cellular fermentation. http://cellbased.link/wild-earth-0b5b6