Cell Based Weekly Report – Sustainable Bioproducts, Amyris Lab Grown Cannabinoids, Bioreactors Hit the Scene

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Chicago based startup, Sustainable Bioproducts, is working to bring microorganisms from the pristine Yellowstone National Park all the way to your plate. These microbes have a neutral flavor and contain all 9 essential amino acids, making them complete protein sources. The company plans to proliferate the high protein microbes in a lab via acellular fermentation. They hope to have microbe products for sale within two years, which could include everything from veggie burgers to yogurt.

Sustainable Bioproducts closed a $33 million funding round on Monday led by venture capital firm 1955 Capital. Investors also include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, led by Bill Gates and public companies Danone SA (OTCMKTS: DANOY) and Archer-Danials-Midland Co (NYSE: ADM). http://cellbased.link/584b9

Why we care: This discovery highlights the potential of acellular agriculture to generate protein and other food sources inexpensively and with minimal environmental impact.


Cell based flavor and fragrance company, Amyris, Inc. AMRS (NASDAQ) announced a cannabinoid development, licensing and commercialization partnership valued at up to $255 million with a confidential partner. According to the company’s press release, the $255 million will include an upfront payment and future payments based on milestones over the next 12-36 months. http://cellbased.link/26f0d

There are currently three other public companies working on cell based cannabinoid production.
Cronos Group (CRON) in partnership with Gingko Bioworks
Organigram (ORGIF) in partnership with Hyasynth Bio
Intrexon (XON) in partnership with Next Green Wave (NXGWF)

What this means. Using cellular technology to propagate cannabis plant compounds in a lab has the potential to maximize yield and eliminates the traditional resources of land, water, light and seeds.


Applikon Biotechnology B.V. a Dutch based bioprocess equipment supplier announced a partnership with Meatable to supply single-use stirred tank bioreactors necessary to cultivate iPSC (stem cells) in volume. Applikon has designated a “CLEANMEAT” team to develop the bioreactors and plans to rollout the first product within three years. http://cellbased.link/95e1e


In an interview with Food Ingredients First, Niccolo Manzoni, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Five Seasons Ventures, Paris-based venture capital firm, predicts lab grown meat is 10 years out from being available in the mainstream. As for acellular products like milk, eggs and heme, Manzoni is excited about the timing and affordability of these products on the horizon. http://cellbased.link/plant-based-adea